Material Sourcing & Supplies

My favorite online sources for brushes, paint, grounds and other supplies:

(I have used Utrecht acrylic paints since 1965. But you can get your supplies wherever you want. Just make sure that you are getting the best quality you can afford.)




My favorite local sources for art supplies:

Sarnoff’s ($$$)*

Arizona Art Supply ($$)*

Michaels ($$) - Watch for their coupons!!!

*Arizona Art Supply and Sarnoff’s offer a 20% discount to students. Just tell them you are taking a class from me.

Recommended for my classes

Please feel free to use whatever supplies you already have! The following are merely recommendations. If you don’t have any supplies, get some online or at one of the local sources, but don’t stress: I’ll have materials for you to use for the first couple of weeks of class.

• Palette knife - Minimum (1) 4” to 5” standard palette knife. This one knife will serve you well for 90% of your work.

Cheap Joe’s - Joe Miller Signature Series Palette Knife, No. 96 - Item ID: JMPK96


Jerry’s - Painters Edge Stainless Steel Painting Knife Style 49T 4-1/4 In 56235


Utrecht - Blick Palette Knives by RGM, Style 96 MP Code #MP-03117-050 Item #03117-1096

• Palette (Disposable, Paper) I use the Masterson Sta-Wet, but I used regular disposable palettes for 30+ years.

Cheap Joe’s - Masterson Sta-Wet Premier Palette and Accessories


Cheap Joe’s - Strathmore Disposable Paper Palette, 12" x 16"


Utrecht - Blick Studio Disposable Palette Pad, 50 Sheets MP Code #MP-03063-001

• Brushes

I tend to mistreat my brushes, and though expensive brushes are great because they work better, it is usually more cost-effective for me to buy cheaper brushes and discard them sooner. Acrylic paints, water, and techniques like scumbling are all hard on brushes. Identified below are some inexpensive synthetic brushes (white nylon) that should work well enough to start. I recommend getting one of each size listed here.

Utrecht - Blick Scholastic Wonder White Brushes, Round MP Code #MP-05381-001

Rounds sizes: 0,2,4,8

Utrecht - Blick Scholastic Wonder White Brushes, Flat MP Code #MP-05380-001

Flats sizes: 2,4,6,8,12

Utrecht - Blick Scholastic Wonder White Brushes, Bright MP Code #MP-05377-001

Brights sizes: 2,4,6,8

Utrecht - Blick Scholastic Wonder White Brushes, Filbert MP Code #MP-05379-001

Filberts sizes: 4,6,8 Great to have, but not necessary for most work.

• Brush Cleaner - This is my personal favorite, but you can use a Mason jar or old coffee can or whatever.

Utrecht - Richeson Square Brush Tub MP Code #MP-06905-001

• Gessoboard - You can surface regular Masonite from scratch to save money, but it is very time-consuming. I like Ampersand. You can find them at Cheap Joe’s or Jerry’s. I’ve never looked for a local source.

Cheap Joe’s - Ampersand Gessobords

• Canvas - These are my favorites, but you can use cheap canvas for study purposes.

Cheap Joe’s - Fredrix Pro Series Dixie Stretched Canvas

Michaels - Watch for their great sales on canvas and other art supplies. You can often get cheap canvases at a great price!

• Paint

Utrecht - Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint (e.g. Titanium White MP Code #MP-01654-001)

(These colors are what you may need to start: Titanium White, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow Light (or Medium), Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Phthalo Green, Dioxazine Purple, Mars or Ivory Black) I occasionally use a few other colors, but not many and not often. You can paint most anything with this palette.

Get one tube (5.07 oz or similar) of each color, and 2-3 tubes of Titanium White.

• I have used Utrecht professional paints almost exclusively since 1965. Liquitex and Golden are also great brands. •

DO NOT BUY CHEAP PAINT (Hobby or Student grade, especially).

• Gesso - This is a heavy body gesso with GREAT covering power, and I highly recommend it.

Utrecht - Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso, White MP Code #MP-02033-001

• Varnish - This is a Permanent Final Varnish - Buy if you wish, or you can use some of mine for a few great paintings!

Utrecht - Liquitex Gloss Varnish MP Code #MP-00618-012 Item #00618-2035 (choose 8 or 16 OZ bottle)

(Semi-gloss and matte finishes are also great)

• Miscellaneous

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