Painting Classes

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Monday Afternoons

1:30 - 5:30 PM


  • All skill levels

  • Small classes

  • Convenient location

  • Individual attention

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Tuesday afternoons

1:30 - 5:30 PM Starting Oct 22nd


  • All skill levels

  • Small classes

  • Convenient location

  • Individual attention


I LOVE to watch people paint. And most of the time, no matter the skill level of the person doing the demonstration, I learn something—even if it is what NOT to do!

So I’ll be doing a lot of demos of basic techniques—and of some techniques I’ve used that are lesser-known but handy. In addition, we’ll spend time looking at and analyzing paintings so as to understand their underlying structure.

Most of the concepts I will be focusing on are so basic and so vital that they will likely be mentioned at every class. They are ideas that I need to constantly be aware of and sensitive to when doing my own work, and (like most people) I need to be reminded of them constantly.

So we’ll talk about design basics, but we’ll also talk a lot about the more slippery things:

  • What is art?

  • What should I paint?

  • What are my goals as an artist?

  • What does it mean to be a professional artist?

And we’ll paint. Oh, yes. We will paint a LOT! I’ll be pushing you to have a plan before you start, but also to be ready/willing/eager to FOLLOW THE PAINTING to places you might not have planned. I’ll press you to be FEARLESS. I’ll encourage you to paint fast and to paint a lot. All the talk in the world will not do much to make you a better painter; you have to do the work.

I’ll be encouraging you to

  • Think deeply about your art, but also to think fast—and sometimes to try not to think at all!

  • Do thumbnail sketches until you can’t do any more… and then to do more.

  • Draw every day.

  • Use words to accurately describe paintings you like.

  • Be a better artist than you have allowed yourself to be.

  • And more.

I’ll be doing my best to meet everyone’s individual needs, while providing a common lexicon and basic toolkit of ideas and techniques for the class as a whole.

I will provide constructive criticism, and although I may pull some of my punches, I WILL be punching. Else, why bother?😁

I have had professional experience with the following painting styles/genres:

  • Landscapes (from photos)

  • Imaginary landscapes (from your mind’s eye)

  • Abstract landscapes

  • Figures

  • Non-objectives

  • Illustration

My favored media:

  • Acrylics (traditional, heavy body)

  • Pen and ink

  • Graphite/Conte

  • Digital (APPS: Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Painter 11, Procreate, After Effects, and Others) I use an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for serious work, but you can use a laptop or desktop if you wish, with a mouse, trackball, trackpad, or Wacom Tablet.

My favored grounds:

  • Cotton duck canvas

  • Linen canvas

  • Gessoboard

  • Paper

My Teaching Creds

  • I received a BFA in Fine Arts (Graphics/Printmaking major) from Northern Arizona University in 1969 and a MA Ed in 1070.

  • I taught art (and freshman English) at Santa Rita High School.

  • I transferred to Project M.O.R.E (TUSD’s Alternative High School), where I taught… “students” in about 1975.

  • My last paid teaching post was at TUSD’s Special Projects for Advanced Study (AKA University High School), where I taught AP Studio Art, AP Art History, and a college level introduction to Philosophy.

  • In 1979, I left teaching to pursue my career as a full-time professional artist.

In more recent years, I have conducted a number of workshops and done painting demos for both arts groups and local organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson..

No long-term commitment required. Attend until you think you can’t learn anything more that will be useful to your artistic development.

I believe these classes to be an exceptional value at only $40/session.



720 E Prince Road • Tucson, AZ 85719

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