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“Return to Lost Canyon”

“Return to Lost Canyon”

VIDEO: Creating a Broken Ground Gesso Board

Applying a thin coat of gesso to a painting panel with the aim or creating a randomly textured ground.

August 2018

Painting demonstration for the Santa Rita Art League

“Landscapes Form The Heart”



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Back in the studio, I spent an hour or so adjusting the hue and value of the mountains, pushing the rear range further back by making it a bit lighter and cooler and bringing the foreground range closer by adding detail and warmth. Also, I refined the shapes of the mountain ridges to make them more interesting. Note that I chose to imply the sun's apparent position by establishing warm flanks on the left sides of mountain contours.

Next, I refined detail of the foreground and added some darker and lighter passages and extending the line of trees I started during the demo.

Finally, I applied a first coat of varnish.

Finally, the finished painting:

"Valley Bloom" 16" x 16" Acrylic on panel.

Materials Used

Ampersand Gesso Board: click here

Utrecht gesso: CLICK HERE

Liquitex Gloss Varnish: CLICK HERE


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