Why Flash Sale AUCTIONS?

The main reason I wanted to start the occasional Flash Auction was to remove the "first through takes it all" bottleneck.  I've had some very disappointed users because--for a variety of reasons--they have missed out by not being the first to get through and complete their order.  Some were busy when the announcement text arrived or didn't hear their phone or needed to talk over a purchase with their partner who was not immediately available.  Or they just couldn't make up their mind fast enough to be the first to click the BUY NOW button.

In fact, in the first Flash Sale Auction I tried, NO ONE even registered.  And the minimum bid was priced lower than what would have been the Flash Sale price, so if even one person had bothered to register for the auction and placed a minimum bid, they’d gave gotten a terriffic deal.

Some wanted to register, apparently, but couldn't figure out how to do so. So I decided to create this page to help all who want to participate get on board.

To give you plenty of time to check it out, this Flash Sale Auction will last for 26 hours, so there is no rush.  If you get registered before the end of the sale you can bid.

I run these auctions through a site called 32 Auctions.


Registration is really easy:

An account is only needed in order to bid. The process is quick and very little information is required as you can see on the Create An Account page. That page looks like this:

Participants can view an auction without an account.

An account is only needed for entering bids. 


Winning bidders will be able to submit payment online from their invoice page. The system sends winning bidder notifications which contain a link to the winning bidder's invoice page. Invoices display the items won, the winning bid amounts, the total amount due, and a payment button. Winning bidders can click the payment button to pay with a credit card, debit card, eCheck, or PayPal account.

*PayPal tracks the number of times you have made payments through them without using a PayPal account. Once you've met their unpublished threshold, they will require you to create an account before allowing additional payments, regardless of what site you are trying to make your payment on, including their own Send Money page.

**32 Auctions supports Internet Explorer (11 and Edge) and the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and mobile browsers. For the best experience, please use the latest version of your preferred browser.


Creating your account should only take a minute or two, and once you have set it up, you should be good to go for all my future Flash Sale Auctions! 

How cool is THAT‽ 

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