"Celia, A Slave"

by Barbara Seyda

Illustration by Lawrence W. Lee


It all started when...

I discovered that my 2016 collaboration with Ballet Tucson was a "gateway drug."  I want more.  Luckily, I had the opportunity to work with Joe McGrath of Tucson's acclaimed ROGUE THEATRE.  That led to my becoming a fan of The Rogue and eventually opening discussions with Joe (Artistic Director) and Cynthia Meier (Managing and Associate Artistic Director) about working together in some way.

It was soon decided that we would test how well we might work together for their very next production: "A House of Pomegranates."  On this page are a few of my initial concept drawings.  Next, I'll be attending a rehearsal so that I can get a feel for the basic "look and feel" of the Rogue production, and more art will follow.

If you've not attended a performance at The Rogue Theater, you have missed one of Tucson's gems.

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