"Deneb Prime" 16" x 16" Hand signed by the artist in an edition of 35.

Deneb Prime@6500-nosig.jpg
Deneb Prime@6500-nosig.jpg

"Deneb Prime" 16" x 16" Hand signed by the artist in an edition of 35.


Xpozer Print. No frame needed. Easy assembly required. Hand-signed by the artist.


The edition number (e.g 7/35) you receive will be based on order received.

Learn more about Xpozer Prints.

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A unique support and mounting system called Xpozer is used for most of the prints I offer. It is lightweight and easy to assemble and is delivered in a triangular tube box for safety in shipping. Each print in this unnumbered edition is individually signed by my hand.

These prints are “Print On Demand” and not produced until ordered, so please be patient about delivery. After you place the order, I order the print. When I receive it, I unbox it and check it for quality to make certain that it meets my standards. If it passes the test, I sign and number it, re-box it and ship it to you. Most prints are delivered to purchasers within three weeks. I ship all prints via UPS Ground an will send you tracking info as soon as it goes into the UPS system.

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